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When you negotiate with a partner or a person or in any capacity whatsoever any agreement other than a win-win is a losers agreement because if any one party leaves feeling like it was not in his best interest or that he has been short changed or that he could have done better then sooner or later that feeling will show in his output. Such a relationship will be short lived.

The idea of any agreement should be mutual benefit not squeezing the last cent out of the relationship.

If you are looking out for your counterpart as much as you are looking out for yourself then the agreement is bound to be fair instead of lop-sided. You should be putting yourself in your partners shoes to understand his incentives so that you can structure a deal that works best for both.

The narcissism of small differences can play a huge role is keeping you away from great partnerships with people who have the same goals.

You can sheer a sheep multiple times but skin it only once. The sheep is the relationship. So just understanding simple aspect which is often get sidelined is the sure shot way to get you lots & lots of Wins. Take care of it.

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