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During the week I received a link to Google Keynote (Google I/O ‘23) from my brother Dr Arun Sehrawat, Director of Quantum Research at QpiAITM who has been doing some of the finest work in the field of AI. I am particularly very proud of his work and the way he is moving globally in his professional domain. Having said that, we do routinely share some good stuff on diverse issues and this one particularly made me a bit curious. So while working out in the Gym, I did listen to it using my Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone 

In the Keynote, there is a massive emphasis given on Artificial Intelligence and two things caught my attention – 

  • Firstly apart from the CEO of Google, there were speakers of Indian origin ( just to name a few of them – Aparna Pappu, Samar Sampat, Thomas Kurian), who did share their vision with the rest of the world. Knowing that Indians are providing a new vision in the tech world was certainly a proud feeling. 
  • Secondly, there is a particular emphasis given to integrating AI’s generative capability with people’s lives to make it more meaningful, if not simpler 😄

Although there is a lot of criticism around the subject of ‘AI Vs Humanity’, in my view they may not be tenable. Any new creation of technology always have had the possibility of being used in a destructive way. 

For Example – Nuclear Fuel/ Fusion has been lighting billions of homes around the world but the same tech did cause the most inhuman act on humanity when it was dropped on ‘Hiroshima & Nagashaki’.

Surprisingly, many think tanks around the world still see justified reasons for doing so and you may or may not agree. However, I have found some of the arguments against AI are more of a narrative set out by a certain set of peoples for their hidden agendas and does not hold much water in a similar manner as it has been done in the past to justify the unjustified (E.g -Iraq War).

For me, some of the things which stood out prominently in the ‘ KEYNOTE” were the deployment of PaLM 2 model. It is a language model that Google is deploying to bring AI capabilities to all of its products like GPT-4 and making its generative usage to synthesise the information in enhancing the productivity, code generation, Workspace, and Universal language Interpretation to its usage in medical science (to help the radiologist to interpret image like films, mammograms more objectively) and much more stuff. 

There is no doubt that the potential of bringing generative AI into the search will help us in an unprecedented manner, but my question is -..????

How it will impact the inmate ability of humans to critical think through problems and find the solution when pushed in a tight corner with least resources.?.

Technology like this is often addictive in nature and as a user, we have to guard ourselves in their deployment in our daily lives consciously. One of the possibilities among many is the potential of causing degeneration of the human brain, especially for those people who solely choose to rely on it. For humans, I feel that a thoughtful usage of AI coupled with encouragement to deploy raw brain power may be the right way to move ahead. 

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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