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I heard Ramit Sethi talk about the tripod of stability. He says that if 3 things in your life are sorted, it gives you freedom to take risks. Here are my thoughts on the 3 things:

  1. Your Job – If you are doing what you love or loving what you do, you have a huge advantage. Most of your waking hours are spent working. If you split up the number of hours in each day into 3 parts you have 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours to include relationships, learning, sports, parties, travel, etc. Conservatively speaking at least 1/3rd of your life will be spent at work so you better make sure you work to get this one right.
  2. Your Relationships – Happiness shared is happiness multiplied. The way I look at it, you should be happier because of having them in your life than be alone. If you are worse off then you know what to do and how to work on it.
  3. Your House – So many people spend their lifetimes paying for their house. There is a whole argument between Renting vs Owning and each habits has its own pitfalls, but that is for another post. Having your own home does give you a sense of security for sure. However my advice – don’t get into debt to own your dream house because it will keep you tied up and will never ever give you the freedom to experiment with your most dear ideas. In a no time it can become mentally taxing. Life is much more than just spending for a roof under which you will have a sleepless nights. So whatever decision you want to take ? Be smart in taking about it. Own what you can afford.

So look at your tripod of stability and ask yourself, Do I have all of them covered?

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Ramit Sethi

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