Hey Friends, I particularly like the month of ‘March’ as it sets the pace for the change of seasons in my part of the world and also act as a reference month to define the trajectory of the year ahead. Incidentally in this very month, I have won a prestigious Golf Event of 2024 which is played in a match-play format. This winning happens to be my 4th in my previous 5 attempts ( one time as Runner-Up) that and gave me a 80 % of the winning probability. Just to give you a little perspective, the match-play format is the most dynamic in nature and has the potential to give inconceivable outcomes and upsets. 

I have been asked by my friends in the community – ‘Joe, How do you make it happen ?? ‘. And I was thinking deeply about putting my mindset and thoughts in a structured way. 

Let me start by revealing my true belief – ‘A winning mentality is born out of intense personal motivation. You can relate this to just about anything on the human scale – from sheer survival to sporting success, personal happiness to professional peaks, and almost anything in between. Golf is akin to life where you are all alone in your battle of excellence and achievements. 

For me ‘developing a winning mindset’ is like being a great baker: it’s part science, part self-confidence and part ingenuity and this is how it works 👇⬇️ :-

The science is in the plans you make, the confidence is in the belief in yourself, visualizations and your perspective, and the ingenuity is in finding ways to get things done.

I often find myself in agreement with author Geoff Colvin’s quote from his famous work ‘Talent is Overrated: What Separates World-Class Performers From Everybody Else’, wherein he says  “The best performers set goals that are not about the outcome but about the process of reaching the outcome”. I take my journey(s) as destination(s). You never arrive in the real sense. You work hard to succeed, and then you work twice as hard to maintain your success. It’s a slow grind, and it starts with your winning mindset. 

A winning mentality is born out of intense personal motivation.

A winning mindset is like building any successful business. It can not be done overnight, you have to build it over time with consistent work ethics and honest feedback looping. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Build your Grit:– Start working on your grit would be the first step. Unlike other things grit is not talent or luck, rather it is a combination of passion and perseverance for a high level of achievement. Grit helps you to develop an ability to rebound from adversity and maintain focus which eventually acts as the greatest contributor to your success. Interestingly enough, unlike IQ and other innate gifts, you can measure your grit and then improve it.
  2. Generate momentum with small steps:- Give credit to your small wins, as you go along and fuel your momentum. Momentum building provides a positive framework to the mind for the realisation of your immediate goal. I prefer to live by this motto: First, build your momentum like a wave and then ride on it.
  3. Trust your process:- Everybody has to find their stroke but the commonality that underlies all winning mentalities is the optimism that there is gold at the end of the rainbow. You have to stay with it and truly believe in the prize and reinforce that belief all along the way.
  4. Take action:– Ultimately, you can’t think your way to a goal unless you take actual steps to do so. Many people spend so much time analyzing their strategy and so little in actually doing it. In this process, they become stagnant and risk-averse. As a result, you miss out on opportunities to fail and learn from your mistakes as much as you do from your successes.

Take good care & enjoy reading this healthy dose of ‘Mindful Productivity & Cerebral Happiness’.


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