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As per me – ‘Philosophy of life means a mental framework for understanding how the world works and how you fit into it‘. It would include how you decide what is good and bad, what you mean with “success” and “purpose,” whether there is a God or not etc.. etc.

You may feel that you could summarize your philosophy of life with labels such as Libertarian, Feminist, Liberal, Conservative, Buddhist, Christian, Entrepreneur, and others. But in my view, our actual philosophies of life are more complex and not so quickly contained. I came across something very interesting on it :-

Three groups of philosophy of life

  • The True North Group Guys: You have a compass for life and know which direction is the correct way. When asked about your philosophy of life, you could explain it immediately and concisely.
  • The Dusty Compass Group Guys: You have a compass for directing your life, but you don’t always know how to use it. You may have a loosely organized philosophy but may not use it to filter and direct your experience.
  • The Inbox Group Guys: You may not have a compass. Life may be about something, but you don’t know. Your approach is to deal with life the way you manage email: You are just directing your attention to whatever lands in your inbox.

Let me explain it a little more on these different groups ;-

The True North group

The difference between the members of these three groups is internal. You won’t be able to spot them instantly. In general, it is better to live as a member of the True North group, provided you remain humble, curious, and open to the possibility that you may be wrong and is willing to mend your ways. However , I personally like to be a hybrid version of ‘True North & Inbox group guys ‘

Directing the philosophy of life

If you are in the Dusty Compass Group or the Inbox Group, a brush of near-death experience is a way of improving your philosophy of life. You will be suddenly jolted into living a life of purpose and make it count. Remember, in the face of mortality, we think hard about what matters.

But, as the weeks and months pass, you may drift back to distraction. Without a clear orientation on a clear philosophy of life, it becomes easy to do whatever is easiest instead of living the way you would want your obituaries to read. Bytheve looking at obituaries in daily newspaper is great leveller and a reminder of our finite time on this planet.

That's why reflecting every now and again on the reality of death is a good thing to do to make the most of the reality of life.

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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Main Image Credit: Photo by Tim Hüfner on Unsplash

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