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I don’t usually talk about the results I’ve gotten in my life. It’s not helpful to the reader. But I can honestly say every goal I’ve genuinely wanted to achieve, I’ve achieved. Even goals that seemed impossible or ridiculous. And there’s no better way to live. It’s the only way to live as a pure and true creator. And that is exactly what you are.

You can create your own future. You can create your own identity.

I can say this with conviction because I’ve been doing it myself for going on a two decade now.

You can create specific moments. You can also create enormous milestones, such as be in those positions which looked as a distant dreams. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

Here’s a breakdown of what you actually need to do to achieve any goal:

  • You need a clear goal. The more specific the better.
  • You need to actually want that goal. Without desire, you can’t have faith. Desire is where faith starts.
  • You need to believe you can actually achieve your goal. If you don’t believe you can, then you have a fixed mindset. You’ve already shut yourself off to learning. And if you don’t learn, you don’t change. And if you don’t change, you don’t improve. Without belief that you can, you can’t have faith. Belief is what sustains faith.
  • You need to pray to have more faith. Meditation and visualization can also serve as a powerful way to increase your faith. The more faith you have, the more clear your goals will be and the more power you’ll have at achieving those goals. When you have faith, you literally cause brilliant things to happen. You make them happen. You can do what others believe is literally impossible. It’s not impossible though, it just takes inspiration and intuition.
  • But you won’t get that inspiration and intuition if you’re not 100% committed to your goal. Until you become 100% committed, there’s hesitancy. When there’s hesitancy, you’re ineffective. You’re not completely absorbed. You’re not reflecting, acting, analyzing, deciding, and thinking about all the ways you could accomplish your goal. But when you’re committed to achieving something specific, you put yourself in the environments and situations that would facilitate that commitment. You develop the faith that you can achieve it, you’ll begin to get inspiration and intuitive insights.
  • These intuitive insights are the solutions to your problems. If you want to achieve a specific goal but don’t know how to do it, if you take the time to imagine, reflect, plan and think, you’ll begin to get insights. Ideas will come to you. These ideas may present solutions that are outside your dominant learning style. They may be “out of your comfort zone.” But if you have faith, you’ll act on those insights. You’ll know those insights are your higher self/power pointing the direction. And yes, that direction almost always involves the courage to bust through fears, uncertainty, and in weeding out your limiting beliefs and mindsets.
  • The more of these intuitive insights you get, and the more you immediately follow through on, the firmer you faith will be in the attainment of your goal. Eventually, you get to the point where you already know it’s gonna happen, long before it ever does. You’ve already mentally created it with such force that all you have to do is watch it unfold. This is called HOPE or RESOLVE. When you have hope, you have complete assurance. You’re completely resolved. It’s done. It’s gonna happen. This hope is the anchor of your faith. It’s what keeps that faith alive. Without hope that you’re going to achieve something, you can’t have faith in that thing. Hope is what happens when belief is transformed through experience and consistency. This “hope” is another word for insane confidence and trust.
  • When you have confidence, you take on challenges you’ve never done before. You’re willing to learn things that are uncomfortable to you. You’re willing to get back up after failures and defeat. You’re willing to try new things and go back to the drawing board. You’re willing to reach out and initiate contact with people who can help you. You’re willing to create things that might not succeed. You’re willing to do anything it takes to achieve your goal.
  • And eventually, you do achieve your goal. And it becomes a pattern in your life. It becomes a habit. But this is a very, very different type of habit than doing the same behavior over and over and over. Those “habits,” which we are told are “essential for success” are not. Doing the same behavior repetitiously is how you go stale and apathetic, like those people who go into the gym and never push themselves in new and different ways. No, no, no. You develop the habit of learning and the process of faith. It doesn’t matter what you must learn, you’ve learned how to learn. 
  • Every time you learn something new, you face new battles that feel similar to the old battles.
  • You’re forced to exercise learning styles you’ve generally avoided. You’re required to develop faith that you can actually achieve that goal. You’re forced to get strategic and to consistently make progress toward that new goal. As you do this, you eventually develop the confidence that you can do it. This confidence, founded on hope and resolve, allows you to create momentum. Eventually, you learn that new thing and achieve that new goal. Then you do it all over again.

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