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There are tons & tons of literature is available on leadership. But none of them really talk about the distinct differentiator which define or distinguish real leaders. How they turnordinary people into their ardent fans?. The most powerfull skil which they practice is this :-

Ability to Introsepct actions & language :- To be a good leader, its aboslutely neccessary to re-examine your actions, especially those which are directed towards others. It would be a good indication to see whether your action and words have inspired action in others or not . Try answering these Questions :-

  • Did your action & words inspired action in them ?
  • Did your words or language used had made a dent in their self-confidence and self image?

Remember, any action taken or words spoken has the ability inspire others. if your actions have made an oppiste impact then you have lost out the edge. For Example – The unique thing about Military( In certain specific cases) & Political ledaers are that they make people feelat peace, especially in those times when people have committed something wrong ( not very grave or henious ) and are now at a receiving end. It is these times when people make their most permanent impression or untenable judgements?. Situation or circumstances like that can turn people into a permanent followers and you leave a lifetime influence on them. It is not neccessory that you must pardon them but how deligently you act towrds their wrong act is what matters the most . Ironically, this skill comes very hard to people who possess the power to make or break the others especially when they are siting in the position of power. Probably , its not easy to be rational and thoughtful at all times in these positions. The inofrmatipn and awreness like this can be obtained from infinite resourcs but the most challenging part is how to imbibe systematically integrate this skill in our personality.

True leaders are mindfully aware of this skill and pay close attentions to what they say & how they act in all visible  forums. 

Few steps which may help you to imbibe these skills. Firstly ask yourself – Do you want to be a leader in your area of influence ?. This will put your perspective in a correction t frame working help you to apply mindfulness to the situation / circumstances. The willingness to apply the skill demand the fine understanding of human nature and how the noon – favourable events impact the people’s mindset.

Tools to Use :-

Firm Kindness :- It is a new approach to acceptance. The rationale behind this is to retain the social connect , yet not to allow any mediocrity or laziness or complacency to set-in the professional domain.

Know the Real Reason :- The idea behind this approach is to connect personally and get to know the real/hidden impluses behind the happening and try to understand from the other person’s perspective. This would give you a chance to step away from yourself and see the problem from a 3ed person’s perspective. This will allow you to approach the issue with out the interference of self-ego.

Correct Role Identification :– Identify your role in the situation and find a solution from the perspective of that role instead of stepping put of your area of influence or ability to redress the issue.

Final Thoughts :-

  1. Steps taken in this manner will enhance productivity & creativity at work place.
  2. It will create a better social dynamics for building reliable support system in the organisation.
  3. It will naturally build loyalty towards the organisations.
  4. It will restore the faith in leadership and slow down the attrition rate.

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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