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In this article, I am going to discusses my favourite non-pharmacological solution to stress/fear/anxiety and hope that you’ll find it useful. Let’s take a bit deep dive into it.

We are constantly taught that fear is a bad thing. Words like “ fear is not good” or “why to have a fear” or ‘there is nothing called fear’ etc etc are very common phrases. This way, we are constantly and consciously taught that connotation of word ‘FEAR’ is inherently negative. On the contrary, we are also taught that : “be like a lion” or “be bold and fearless” etc.etc.

The intention of putting both perspective together is to highlight that none of these approaches are actually conveying a true perspective.

I too was in this ’fearless Club’ for a very long time and my favourite quote used to be ” fear is not good for grades..“. And then, I have found the true meaning of the word ‘fear’ and since then a lot of things have got changed .

Fear can be an amazing tool to fuel your growth. Now, this must be again surprisingly different to hear than what we are being told time and again. So, let me give you a quick perspective on it ;It’s a well known fact that negativity arises from the fear and it always try to disconnect us from reality. Longer we hold them more they ferment and become toxic. But fear has a flip side too, it’s an incredible tool of progression and what we do with the signal of fear matters” and our reactions to this simple fact has helped us to survive through the ages.

Gift of fear – is a brilliant internal guardians that is always ready to warn us of hazards and guide us through risky situations. We notice warning but ignore guidance.___ JOE SEHRAWAT 

Let me give you an example to understand the aforesaid quote.

Suppose if a person hear a beep sound from a smoke detector in the middle of night ? what will he do ? Commonly he has two options :,

 Firstly he would quickly assess the situation , thereafter gather his family, pets, few valuables and exit the house. 

Secondly, he might think of removing the battery or simply turn off the smoke sensor suspecting it a false alarm and would go back to sleep.

The moot point here is that if we try to ignore or abandon the fear, it would magnify the problem or will follow us latter.

“ If we do not learn from the signal of danger than we are going to learn from the result of the problem and that’s something in my opinion is far less desirable ” .____JOE SEHRAWAT

Generally, our first reaction to fear is either fight , flee, freeze or bury it. We get into a downward spiral mode of self analysis and become prisoner of our own imagination. The first thing Fear does is – ‘it create a disconnect between mind and body’ and deplete our immense natural ability to deal with it.

Let me share with you some of my personal techniques to deal with FEAR..? :-

First thing first, Take active control of the narrative and accept its presence in your life. The mere acknowledgment of its relationship will help you to understand the correct and realistic pattern of it in finding the right fix.  Secondly, consider fear as a distinct identity which need addressal and not redressal. Dealing with the fear upfront gives a new perspective and will make you differently able. 

I often look at it in a different way and prefer to beat my fears out or work through them with good work ethics, diligence planning, hard work and systematic training of my mind ( most imp)._ Joe Sehrawat

This way, you can turn them into your unique strengths. I firmly believe that fear is not sustainable, it just alert us, motivate us and bring out best in us. It increases our ability to take calculated risk. You just focus on what you can control & what can’t and then work with your fears as a new opportunities to apply your energy positively to accomplish goals.

 The true antidote to fear is the active involvement of our mental and physical responses.__JOE SEHRAWAT 

We need to vocalise fear and ask what I am afraid of ? & Why. This word “WHY” must be accompanied with a word ‘WHAT’ which would essentially say ; – ’ what I have to do to deal with it effectively’. But, Ironically, we create a conscious fiction in our mind and want someone else to fix it for us. This behavioural pattern rob us from our natural ability to deal with fear. It distract us in doing so and we need to go beyond this phase.

Learn to let go fear of fear. Recognise and identify the pattern of thinking which drive us that way.

Our fear are more numerous than danger and we suffer more from our imagination than in reality.__LUCIUS A SENECA

 Since fear create a disconnect between mind and body, hence the solution lies in realignment of our body and mind to find a most reliable way out. It could be, by way of adopting special breathing exercises, indulging in meditation practices, or anything else which specifically work best for you.

In my words “ Change your relationship with fear’ and work with it. Its’s an incredible tool to harness your untapped potential.

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