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On the most basic level, courage is just about taking action. That can be something as simple as walking up to your boss to ask for leave, initiating a talk about better terms on a deal, or making a spinner to bowl the first over of a cricket match. Anything you do out of the ordinary requires courage because it gets attention, sometimes good, often bad. The world wants you to conform. It wants you to be vanilla or Cadbury ( with out nuts). Do you have the courage to think independently?

There are these unwritten rules which guide our action subconsciously. And the fear of rejection or failure is so high that you often get in line, marching to the band of this is how it’s suppose to be. There will be resistance every time you try something new and there are chances you might fall flat as you venture out. But guess what?

” You will learn, progress and succeed more when you fall than if you were following the life map already created for you by someone else“.___ JOE

At some point you have to get on the bike and peddle yourself.

You are bound to face resistance from those closest to you because they want you to be risk averse. Your parents will tell you not to venture out or Mau be venture out with caution. Your friends will think you are crazy. Most likely, you will be pulled in all directions with conflicting viewpoints. That is when you need to have the courage to think independently and look at things vis-a vis your potential/talent/skills and most importantly resolve to lead. You can take everyones inputs/ feed backs but the final output has to be given by you because remember if you fail, it’s all your fault, and if you succeed, it’s all because you had courage to start and Vires Acquirit Eundo ( A beautiful Latin Words which means = gather strength as you go ).

You can’t reach success in investment (or In Life), if you do not think independently.” ~ Warren Buffet

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