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Pandemics are certainly testing times and invariably such situations leave behind behavioural changes in many people. In the current pandemic, people have been working from home with minimum social interaction for more than a year and trying to make their ends meet. Historically, pandemics invariably wear down the energy level, induce real fears and replaces with an eerie lull, a strange sense of languish.

It really does not matter, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, the cascading effect of post-pandemic are real.

Joe Sehrawat

The side effect of the current pandemic has been too many and socialising in this ‘new normal’ require deliberate social intelligence to keep the relationships going. And whenever you finally decide to do it, keep these things in mind:-

1. Remember that People Do Look Different Now

Whenever you revisit your friends or families, they may not look the way you are used to seeing them. Whether it’s because of Covid -19 or otherwise your friends’ weight may have fluctuated and they are aware of that. The last thing they need is for you to remind them of that. Use your social intelligence and navigate your conversation differently.

2. People May Behave Differently

Since 2020, in a way time has changed permanently and have left an indelible impression in people’s mind. For people, who were already affected by mental health issues, their difficulties have only further got compounded. To you, it might look like a previously confident friend transforming into a nervous wreck, or a soft-spoken friend has become a bit rude. Many lost their loved ones to COVID and people are still reeling from the after-effects of its infection. Kindly, do not disregard the mental impact of the pandemic on others. The last thing they expect from you is to be judgemental. If possible offer support and not be judgemental.

3. You Need to Embrace the New Normal

This pandemic has changed the financial realities of many places that were once affordable either do not exist anymore or are no longer affordable because people’s livelihood has been gravely impacted. Increase of medical expenses across the spectrum but you can make your friends feel secure and confident enough to deal with this difficult phase.

4. The Sense of Safety is Still Impaired

Tread carefully, even if things seem better, remember that it will take longer and collective global efforts to completely eradicate COVIS-19. Rekindle the equation and gradually move forward once it’s safe and comfortable for everyone in your circle. No pressure, please

5. Everyone is Affected By the Pandemic in Several Ways

After more than a year, we definitely know quite a lot, but in the larger scheme of things, it’s still too soon to determine the true impact of COVID. If your friends have been directly impacted by this, treat them with kindness and care. They need emotional support to get through this post-pandemic phase.

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