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Year 2020 has been a year of quarantine, masking and least social interactions so far. However such challenging time gave me a unique opportunity to make most out of it. This year has turnout to be a most productive year for me to catch up with some of my favourite podcast which I have been listening throughout in 2020. With my some favourites continuing to shine and some new ones entering the rotation to accompany me on my daily commute on the trusted 1.5x setting. I often think it would be funny to meet these hosts in real life and be perplexed at how different they sound at normal speed…! Anyway, here it goes on to the list of my favourites for 2020.:-

  • Masters of Scale — Reid Hoffman (cofounder of Paypal and Linkedin) host this highly entertaining show looking at different aspects of business success in today high velocity startup world. The production value on this podcast is a class above making it both very entertaining and highly educationalListen to Will. I.Am on this episode.
  • Tim Ferriss Show — one of the most popular business podcasts on the net, Tim Ferriss dishes up very long form interviews (2–3hours) that are highly entertaining. This is a staple in my list and remains a firm personal favouriteGreat episode with Jim Collins.
  • Revisionist History — My absolute favourite podcast. Malcolm Gladwell is a brilliant writer who has turned his skill at digging into unusual story angles into a riviting podcast. I just can’t rave about this enough. Every episode is so thought provoking and fascinating and frequently challenging to how I see the world or assumed how it works. You cant go wrong with any episode across the 4 series so just start from the start! Episode 35 on the standard case is riviting.
  • The Knowledge Project -Shane Parish has long been a favourite blogger of mine at his Farnam Street blog — Loved this interview with Daniel Kahneman
  • You are not so smart — Dave McRaney looks at cognitive biases in this fascinating podcast celbrating self delusion. So many great episodes. This one on the Dunning Kruger Effect will get you going.
  • Pivot to the future — Great podcast featuring the uber cool will.I.Am and co-host Omar Abbosh, looking at how business are setting themselves up to avoid disruption in the future. Start with this Verizon 5G
  • The Safety of Work — Drew Rae, is back with his Griffith Uni colleague David Provin for a podcast looking at safety in the workplace and just how much we rely on mythology vs actual facts in many of the safety practices that are followed. Episode 1 will give you a flavour immediately of what they are about.
  • Spectacular Failures — A very entertaining and high pace look at business’s that in some fashion have managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory. This episode on the infighting in the U-Haul family business is gold.
  • Against the rules — Anything by Michael Lewis is worth your time (MoneyBall, The Undoing Project) and this podcast is no exception. It is a terrific look at the role of umpires in many aspects of our day to day lives and how they play an important but often diminishing role. This episode on College loans will leave you gobsmacked.
  • Business Wars — This is a podcast focusing on great business rivalry’s. The 6 part series looking at the war between Netflix and Blockbuster is fascinating. Thanks to Rico for the hot tip on this one.
  • Exponential View — Anyone interested in technology and where we are going in the future should listen to this show by Azeem Azhar. He has some very high level guests and is a very deep thinker about the ethics and use cases of technology. His weekly “wondermisive” of the same name is well worth signing up to. Listen to this expert on how true level 5 autonomous cars are still some way off.
  • Akimbo — Seth Godin, one of my favourite authors and thought leaders turns his hand to podcasting. Each episode feature a 15–20 monologue from Seth on his latest hobby horse, followed by listener Q&A. The way Seth sees the world never fails to catch my interest and challenge my own viewsStart here, or actually anywhere — you can’t go wrong with this one!
  • Curious minds — Gayle Allen hosts a different guest each week from a wide range of topics on how and why we work. She asks excellent questions and gets a lot from her guests. Often her guests are authors peddling their latest book so I find it a good way to get an abridged book summary! Great Episode with David Epstein.
  • Coffee Pods —I recently got back onto Holly Ransom who is one super impressive Australian business leader. Her podcast showcases some of the best leaders in the nation in a short format interview with Holly. An excellent mix of guests.
  • Tropical MBA — This is a podcast by people who run remote lifestyle business — a long held dream! Listening to the different ways people can make a living whilst located anywhere in the world is very eye-opening and the banter and style of the two hosts I find easy and enjoyable to listen to. You should listen to them talk about the Helsinki Bus Theory.


If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will. – Essentialism


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