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People often ask me;- Hey did you ‘Win or Lose’? . And I often wonder what makes them say so..? I think, probably they mean to say – which side are you on? 

Well, to my mind there is no side to Winning or Losing. I say so because it does not speak about your true character or efforts.  What matters most is – Did I give myself a realistic chance of winning. To me :-

There is always a difference between losing or being beaten and it's not all the same. 
You lose because you did not put enough efforts, whereas you get beaten because the other side performed better than you did in the activity on that day. 

I suggest you to set-up a process for yourself:- I call it a ‘Power Mode’ :- 

  1. Firstly set a tone of winning mind-set. It is pre-requiste and non negotiable.
  2. Embrace the possibility of facing tough challenges on the way.
  3. Even if you think of quieting half way, Just do not get rattled by this thought, because everyone at least once thought of quieting the task and then went on to make a history.
  4. Do not let a breakdown of communication happens in your team. Stay on the same page and keep everyone on the same page.
  5. Remember, the moment people see a small cracks , they will get in there and use their tools. So I suggest to have a solid game plan and be ready to change it on the go. Flexibility with Prudence is the key.
  6. And finally you have to be prepared to go-through the perception of what people think and still stay true to yourself by beliveing in your process.
Trust me, you can overcome any challenge by using a 'Power Mode',this will definately make you smile at the end of tunnel. 

It’s not about ‘Win or Loss’ and also It’s not about ‘Loosing or Being beaten‘ ?, What matters is, did you give your best in the given situation owing to your ability, skills and resources at hand. If you have done that – You are the winner no matter what the outcome will be.  

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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2 thoughts on “WIN or LOSE -Really..??

  1. Nice work Sheru…you hv deciphered the action plan for the youngsters in easy steps.”,flexibility” a very vital aspect…to add to this I suggest to incl pt no.7. CONTINGENCY PLAN
    Like in Air Force we always had an alternative attack plan…so should we hv here….This makes the effort more pragmatic and complete.

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