Measure The Gain, Not The Gap

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We perceive things as being either good or bad depending on whether the specifics that are necessary for success have been defined and achieved.

I have noticed that people who measure their accomplishments in terms of specifics tend to be happier and a lot more energized than people who speak and think in generalities. Someone who responds to a question like, “How are things going?” with an answer like, “Things are pretty good” isn’t actually connecting with their real experience. But if you think about specific facts when you assess your situation, this will ground your feeling in reality.

For example – saying that “ Recently completed project earned ten times as much money as it did last year” is very different from saying, “This project did pretty well.”

If you work in the world of generalities, it’s easy to get confused about what’s really going on, and your sense of your achievements will be vague and unclear.

Taking Ownership makes it better:

Your future growth depends on the degree to which you own how you use your brain for specific progress. Someone who uses their brain to measure using generalities will be lacking in clarity when it comes to both achievements and what their future holds.

Measure The Gain, Not The Gap

The gap is the distance between where you stand today and where your ideal stands way ahead. And as you continue to focus on that gap, you’ll continue to see how far away you still are, and thus you’ll continue to feel dissatisfied with your effort. The proper way of measuring progress? Look backward, not forward. Gaze right from where you are today, back to where you were when you first started. Do you see how far you’ve come?

“The way to measure your progress is backward against where you started, not against your ideal.”_ DAN SULLIVAN

Focus on Your Progress, Not on Your Ideal

What you choose to pursue will constantly elude you because your ideal is a natural moving target. So if you fall for the trap of measuring your current self against your future self (the person who would have attained his / her ideal), you’ll never be satisfied with where you are today because there will always be a gap to fill. 

Be in the gain, not in the gap, and you’ll experience a sense of having achieved something beautiful. And that’s the feeling that will crush your inner critic’s voice and motivate you to keep going.

Do Memory Consolidation

Memory consolidation is simply the process by which a temporary memory is transformed into a more stable, long-term form. But since our minds are constantly consumed with stimuli and new content so much and if we are not mindful then this results in a quick wash over like a breaking wave at the shore. This means that what you don’t track and make note of, you simply forget.

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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