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Rendering yourself more efficient either by implementing various productivity techniques or by driving yourself harder won’t generally result in the feeling of having “enough time,” because the demands will increase to offset any benefits. Far from getting things done, you’ll be creating new things to do.

For example: it’s not simply that you never get through your email; it’s that the process of “getting through your email” actually generates more email.

There is never going to be “enough time”

The truth is that it’s impossible to become so efficient and organized that you could respond to a limitless number of incoming demands. It’s usually equally impossible to spend what feels like “enough time” on your work and with your children, and on socialising, traveling, or engaging in political activism. But there’s a deceptive feeling of comfort in believing that you’re in the process of constructing such a life, which is due to come into being any day now. So having a ‘Limit-Emracing attitude’ certainly help in this regard.

Ten tools for embracing your finitude

  • Adopt a “fixed volume” approach to productivity. It’s better to begin from the assumption that tough choices are inevitable and to focus on making them consciously and well.
  • Focus on one main project at a time and see it to completion before moving on to what’s next.
  • Decide in advance what to fail at. You will inevitably end up underachieving at something, simply because your time and energy are finite.
  • Focus on what you’ve already completed, not just on what’s left to complete.
  • Consciously pick your battles in charity, activism, work and politics.
  • Embrace boring and single-purpose technology; choose devices with only one purpose, such as the Kindle e-reader.
  • Seek out novelty in the mundane. Pay more attention to every moment, however mundane it may be.
  • When presented with a challenging or boring moment, try deliberately adopting an attitude of curiosity.
  • Whenever a generous impulse arises in your mind to give money to charity /NGOs,Or check in on a friend, Or send an email praising someone’s work. Do act on these impulse right away, rather than putting it off until later.
  • Practice being okay with doing nothing. In other worlds embrace yoyr solitude time.

Take good care & enjoy reading your dose of cerebral happiness.


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