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Everyone feels uncertain. Everyone! What you may feel uncertain about could be very different than your colleague or friend or partner, but uncertainty is assured to play a role in your life.

Uncertainty is :- If you desire something or are striving to achieve anything, then the possibility of it not working out leads to uncertainty.

The question however are ;

  • How do you respond to it?
  • Do you react impulsively to calm your nerves?
  • Do you journal to put thought on paper and get your monkey mind off your back? Or
  • Is sitting and observing your thoughts as a way for you to detach from the intense feelings and find a solution or road map ahead?

I have been journaling for quite a while and found that it is a good strategy. When you put thought on paper you get it off your mind and put it into another medium. Now you can see your uncertainty in writing. You can edit your uncertainty. You can actually add to the story and make more sense of it. It can be very relieving and therapeutic.

Another good strategy is to just observe your uncertainty as if you are a third person. That will allow you to look at it more holistically and detach you from the reoccurring intense feelings as well.

Lastly, my go to strategy is that ‘ By asking yourself what is in your control and just focusing on that aspect instead of being driven by the vicissitudes of outcome’, will allow you to find joy in the journey instead of obsessing about the destination.

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