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The constant integration of technology in our lives has made the world accessible to us on our fingertips. The internet is amazing. But what are you doing with that technology? What is the first thing you do when you wake up? What is the last thing you do as you go to sleep? A vast majority now pick up their phones to check email or log on to WhatsApp, Facebook and/or Twitter. Why? Because it provides instant distraction OR engagement, a permanent killer of productivity. The mini dopamine boost makes you feel good by giving your brain the dose of mindless conversations that starts to chip away at your limited cognitive resources from the minute you open your eyes to the minute you close them. 

The days of boredom and idleness are history. The mind does not wander with thoughtfullness because it gets no space to do so. Have you ever thought whether that is good or bad? The fact is that our constant addiction to smartphones and laptops gives us unlimited access to news, sports, movies, friends, porn and a million other activities which has hypnotized the hell out us. The result? Our brains are turning into mush.

I have read Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World on my Kindle. It re-affirmed the daily struggle I have had with my smartphone and laptop, why it’s really bad and what I can do to counter it. The fight to get meaningful work done requires time. You need to be able to sit down and think for hours to create something of value to whoever you serve. You then need to be able to execute your ideas, get insights, learn and re-think. This is the loop that will make you smarter. Those who have this ability will not only experience the joy associated with creating art but they will also far outperform their peers.

Ideally, you should have a device that has a sole purpose so that your mind directly associates with a given activity. Multipurpose devices just like multitasking are not a good idea., especially when you can not regulate their intended purpose.

The reason why a Kindle far outdoes the iPad is because it does less. If you own a Kindle, all you can do is read on it. You cannot jump from reading to browsing the internet to sending email to chatting. Kindle = reading.

Similarly, your phone should = talking…

Your Laptop should = research. So on and so forth……….

Creating this dichotomy with your devices will go a long way to help you achieve your goals.

If you can, get yourself an entertainment phone and a work phone, an entertainment laptop and a work laptop, an entertainment room and a work room, that would be an ideal situation. By doing so, the internal struggle with distractions will be a struggle no more. If that’s not possible then you can regulate their usages and personally I have found ” POST BOX” an app developed by Google”s Productivity Lab to take care your distractions automatically. Its super cool…Do try it out and you will no longer end your day by feeling like it was crazy hectic but wonder what the hell did you really achieve?

It is best to set yourself up such that the temptations are low ~ Charlie Munger

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