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There is something I came across which has a very profound effect on our cerebral happiness. Yes, I am talking about the ‘The Value of Delight‘. It’s the idea that by doing something or spending a bit of extra money to get a more delightful experience can be ‘worth it’ provided it encourages us to do more of the thing we want to do.

I’ve noticed this concept taking shape in my real life. For instance, I took an annual subscription of Evernote App which encourages me to keep my research organised at one place in relevant digital note books. this has facilitated me to keep all my work at once place and motivated me to write more as per my comfort and I would say ‘ its a good thing’. I have been building my second brain on  Notion, an organisation / project management app – Notion is such a delight to use that it encourages me to use it more, which directly contribute my productivity and creativity which is also a Good Thing.

For the past few months, I’ve also been using Audibles and Blinkist app for listening the audio books and its been an incredible experience . I could consume almost 10 time more content at my own convenience, which I could not have done it without the help of these audio apps . Although I have been paying for their services but It’s such a delight to use them – again, overall a Good Thing.

I am more than happy to pay for all these services because of the value of delight, productivity and value they are adding to my life If an app costing $30/year is such a delight to use that it encourages me to use it even 20% more than the free equivalent, that extra 20% will compound massively over the long term. I’d end up getting far more than that $30 of value out of it.

I know plenty of guys simply hesitate to pay for the Weekly Newsletter platform and often resort to free services given by many service providers. But , I use the Revue’ an Amsterdam based firm which provide a beautiful, minimalist and provide many options to the writers. But it is not free, I have to pay for it $5/ months.

A few years ago, I would think twice before buying apps and books that cost $5 to $10. I would think ‘ahhh do I really need this’ and ‘I’m sure I can find a free pirated version if I look hard enough’. Later that day I’d blow the same amount of money on a random takeaway that I really could’ve avoided. My stance has now changed completely – I view (useful) apps and books as investments with a potentially huge return, and I think my life has improved as a result.

Basically, if an app is helping me do something productive / useful / fun, and paying for it gives me a more delightful experience. Additionally, it encourages me to use it more and it’s totally worth it.

Note : I’m not certainly not advocating spending money on apps/books if you can’t afford it. What I am saying it that we can prioritising our buying for useful/ productive apps and books over coffee and random takeaways.

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