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The issue of Work-Life balance is the most frequently talked about topic around the world. During the discussion i did find the need to explain this concept in a more holistic way. So this time around, I took an example of an artist to a close group of mine and asked them to monetarily consider themselves an artist who have been assigned to make a picture of a horse or few running horses ( the most common thing which find place in most of the homes/ offices) on the canvass.

Having said that , I did ask him a follow up question to them ? Tell me, if you have to make one, what will you need ?. Off course the obvious answer was the availability of the best possible colours and different types of brushes to fine tune the picture on the canvass. The answer was absolutely spot on. In fact, most of us will also give the similar answer.

However, what i am trying to highlight here is that you certainly require a thick brush to paint the main body of the horse ( which is synonymous with your work ) but you will need the small brushes ( which is synonymous with your family time ) to bring out the shine, fine contours, appealing shades and a magic look in the eyes of the horse(s). The picture will not look perfect with out the meaningful usage of these small brushes.

Thereafter , I asked them to step out of their momentary role of an artist and step back into your original life. If you folks out there are doing the as you read through this article, You will have an extremely heightened state of awareness, wherein you will realise that in reality, you are the artist of your life canvass with real colour at your disposal. However, we tend to immerse ourselves so much into our work spaces that we invariably end up getting consumed day in day out. We most regularly and continently forget the other fine colours which are intrinsically woven in our respective lives. Our work is certainly that main thick brush used in painting and is absolute must to have but without the small brushes there would not be any shades, sparkle, and shine on the canvass of your life

Just because they are so intrinsically woven in our lives , we find it most comfortable in taking them granted at the very first opportunity. And that’s not the kind of canvass we want to paint for ourselves..__ Joe Sehrawat

Interestingly, the world has started to attached an unique meaning to the word ‘workaholism’. It is being considered as a synonymous of ‘professionalism’ and more often misconstrued, misquoted and misunderstood as the extension of professionalism .

Staying for extended hours in office and always finding reasons to stay engaged in work 24×7 at all times is by no means a rational scale or yardstick to measure the professionalism..__Joe sehrawat

If a particular project require more devotion of time , by all means you must give that time. But never allow this increasingly popular definition to gulp your all senses and take a complete control over your beautiful mind. Let me give you an example: Steve Jobs undoubtedly build the best company in the world but got consumed by the life in his early 50’s owing to his absurd Work- Life balance.

The more we allow ourselves to be consumed by 24×7 work culture, faster the life is going to consume us and will cut our living period to a great extent. The so called propagated advancement in medicine will be a very little help…..__Joe sehrawat

In recent years , i have developed a new take on it. Anytime , i find myself asking a question or as and when i do not see the horizon with enough clarity, I always prefer to step into the role of a ‘artist’ who is painting his story on a canvass called ‘life’ to find my right bearing.

The word professionalism or workaholism is not meant to change the otherwise meaningful part of your life. ___Joe

Invariably , we ignore them first in chasing the ever elusive grand scale success . But remember the finest colour and shine in your life can only be brought in by the smaller brushes. These brushes are your family, kids , me time and completion of a todo list for your personal and holistic growth. They are the finest tool of our success which act as our energy infuser, stress reliever and comfort provider. Just because they are always available in our plain sight that should not become the very reason for the oversight.

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Credit : Photo by Azzedine Rouichi on Unsplash


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