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The right attitude to learning is the game changer. Sooner we understand it better for us. It can set us apart from others in a good way. It is something which you and I can use without quoting or asking for permission. Where you usually go wrong, and I’ve found myself wanting here many a times, is when you start focusing more on the messenger instead of the message.  Let me give you a few examples:

Warren Buffet uses a 5-step checklist for making all his investment decisions.”
Charlie Munger reduces mistakes by using a hundred mental models from psychology, physics, chemistry, maths, and biology.”
Seneca says that a stoic doesn’t need anyone to be happy but given a choice he still prefers friendship over solitude.”
Tim Ferriss encourages you to create the financial and time freedom required to do the things that you really want to do.”

Have the right attitude to learning from them. If you believe the messages above then what you should be saying is:

“I use a five step process to make all my investment decisions.”
“I go through a mental checklist to avoid misjudgements and mistakes.”
“I am happy but I’m fortunate to have loved ones who let me multiply my happiness.”
“I love what I do; I’ve created the financial and time freedom I need to choose my work”.

A sure shot way of guaranteeing misery in life is by refusing to learn from the experience of others, whether dead and alive.” Who said that? It shouldn’t matter who said it! What matters is that this piece of wise advice should become a part of you. You should say it! You should believe it! You should own those words as much as anyone else because in so doing you will be able to stand in the shoulder of giants and look a little further, whereas those who do not have the right attitude to learning will not grasp the power of the message.

We can’t eliminate mistakes, but we can prevent those that can really hurt us._____ Charlie Munger

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