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There are numerous example in the history that due to want of perfection people have lost out on rolling out their best ideas and missed out the opportunities in its entirety. For some unknown reasons, we tends to develop our preconceived notion so strong that unless a project is not Perfect I would / should or will not share it with the world.

If , I take you back in the history, nothing was perfected at the first attempts, whether it was a Space Shuttles, Locomotives, Aeroplanes, Cars, Electric cars ( Tesla), Computings, Apple I- Phones, or any other imaginable thing which is existing or has existed on this planet . If you ask me, I would say :-

There is nothing called Perfection, Doing Good over and over again is being referred as perfection by the people around. For me good enough consistency is more important than chasing the undefinable perfection._____Joe Sehrawat

I am yet to come across any thing in which scope of improvement or improvisations is not felt. Every product rolled out by the industries on periodically are nothing but the better perfected version of the earlier version. Now take a momentary pause and look around and rethink about it, Did anything come to your mind which is contrary to what I have just said ..?. I think, your answer would be ‘NO’. This fact is so simply hidden in our plain sight that we loose our own competitive edge and miss opportunities on the name undefinable word ‘Perfection’. Off course, I do not mean to say that you come out with something which is half finished or unworkable or non functional but something that can perform on the world stage with expected consistency.

Everyday try to go a bit closer to your objective. Sometimes that would take you the whole day. Sometimes it will only take a few minutes. Your objective should be progress not perfection. Those tiny steps each day will add up to a whole string of events that will enable you to build confidence in your ability and you will gather strength as you go along to achieve your goal good enough.

Just jump into the sea of opportunities.

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