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In the modern times and ever changing meaning of relationships, It generated curiosity to explore the right context and define its true meaning. Curiously we speak of love as one thing rather than discerning the two very different varieties that lie beneath a single word: being loved and loving. 

We first learn the meaning of love in an entirely non-reciprocal context.

The parent loves but they don’t expect the favour to be returned in any significant way. This is why in adulthood when we first say we long for love what we predominantly mean is that we want to be loved as we were once loved by a parent. This is naturally a disaster for our unions.

For any relationship to work, we need to move firmly out of the position of the child and into that of the parent.

We need to become someone who can sometimes subordinate their own demands to the needs of another. To be adults in love we have to learn perhaps for the very first time to do something truly remarkable: – for a time at least to put someone else ahead of us. That’s what actually true and mature love is all about. This drastic shift in adulthood actually comes as initial surprise to us as humans.  

To nurture any relationship, it’s an essential to love in a mature, healthy and in a mutually reciprocating way. This skill is not something which you are expected to learn alone without any assistance. You need to understand and have to be a consciously aware of your emotional shift.



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    Love getting reciprocated is, being loved back. A very short, simple insight, like a see through window, is what the write up conveys.

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